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"…Other disciplines are to be regarded as auxiliary; they are to be studied only if they are capable of aiding Torah study and are subordinated to it as the tafel to the ikkur. The Torah’s truths must remain for us what is absolute and unconditional, the standard by which to measure all the results obtained in other branches of knowledge. Only that which accords with the truths of the Torah can be accepted by us as true. The Torah should be our sole focus: All that we absorb and create intellectually should be considered from the perspective of the Torah and should proceed along its paths." (R' Samson Raphael Hirsch,19 Letters)

Film of Rav Breuer, 8:30
Audio of Rav Breuer from from the very first the concert of the KAJ Choir in 1955
Rav Breuer Speech. 1955


  • 062 Devarim 1-Rav Hirsch's Approach to Chumash
  • 19 Letters by Daniel Adler
  • Chukas- Rav Hirsch's approach to Parah Adumah
  • Classes at KAJ
  • Daniel Adler: Jewish Dietary Laws: Approaches to Examining Mitzvos
  • Daniel Adler: Jewish Dietary Laws: Introduction to the Series
  • Daniel Adler: Jewish Dietary Laws: Seating in Shul
  • Daniel Adler: Yom Tov Sheni
  • Daniel Adler: Mesorah Ashkenaz
  • Daniel Adler: Can Men and Women Sing Together
  • D Adler Tefillin on Chol HaMoed
  • Five Minutes a Day
  • Free German Language Course
  • Harav Shimon Schwab Zt''l On The Children Of Kedoshei Europa - Ninth Siyum Hashas
  • Havdallah1
  • Havdallah2
  • Havdallah3
  • Henry Abramson: Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch (This Week in Jewish History) Jewish Heritage Tour of Germany by Rabbi Hershel Schachter-
  • Lecture on Nusach (See Ashkenaz-Sfard)

  • Composer Louis Lewandowski

    Sung by Chazan Michael Friedman
    Lecho Hashem haGeduloh
    Bircas haChodesh: Mi sheOsoh Nissim "Benno Weis was born in Frankfurt in 1910, where he learned the nusach just by listening to the chazzon Benno Peisachowitz. Mr. Weis was a baal korah and baal tefila in the Breuer shul in Washington Heights for over 50 years. And had the foresight to record these niggunim for the next generation. He taught approx 275 boys in the fine art of kerias hatorah, and many people consulted him on Frankfurter minhogim." Bio from daughter Recordings  

  • Maintaining Orthodoxy in the New World (Dr. Levine)
  • Marc Shapiro: Shapiro-Architects_of_Modern_Orthodoxy-Parts 1 and 2
  • R' Hamburger on Development of Kaddish Yasom
  • R' Hirsch on Confronting Modernity, Dr. Robert Slater,
  • R' Hirsch on the Parsha, Series, by Michael Guttman
  • Rabbinic Personalities: Rav Shamshon Rafael Hirsch
  • Rav Hirsch on Confronting Modernity
  • Rav Hirsch on Korbanos
  • Rav Hirsch on the Mishkan and Korbonos
  • Rav Hirsch's Approach to Cheshvan and Shmini Atzeres
  • Rav Hirsch: Optimism Against Pessimism
  • Rav Schwab: Internalizing Eternity 1992
  • Rav Schwab on Sefer Melachim
  • Recordings from R' Schwab
  • The Centurions 19h Century CE Rav Shamshon Raphael Hirsch
  • The Hirsch Chumash: An Appreciation of the Wisdom and Timelessness of His Classic Commentary R' Y. Frand
  • Torah Im Derech Eretz, Dr. Robert Slater,

  • Video:

  • 40,000 Graves at Old Jewish Cemetery in Frankfurt
  • Ashkenaz (Yekke) Approach to when Aleinu Ends (Daniel Adler)

  • Basel, Switzerland

  • Berlin 1900 in colour!!!!

  • Birchas Hachama - KAJ

  • Breuers 2gether youtube channel
  • Clips and Addresses of Rav Shimon Schwab
  • Rabbi Berel Wein - The Customs of Ashkenaz Part 1
  • Film about Mid-20th Century Breuers with footage of Rav Breuer
  • Chanuka at KAJ

  • KAJ Choir Pesach Concert
  • KAJ Choir, Purim
  • Lecture on R' Hirsch by Dr. Henry Abramson
  • Legacy Hirsch Channel
  • Lighting the Menorah at KAJ
  • Maharam of Rothenburg: The Perils of Jewish Leadership
  • Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch Bio
  • Rabbi Shimon Schwab Tombstone (kever)
  • R' Shlomo Benyamin Hamburger on the Development of Ashkenaz
  • Classes by R' Yosef Chaim Schwab
  • Yeshiva Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch Dinner
  • Yeshiva Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch Dinner (circa 1990)
  • Guess Who's Coming To Dinner's Youtube Channel
  • harav yisroel mantel rav of kaj in Washington heights
  • Yeshiva Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch dinner video
  • Die Judengasse in Frankfurt
  • Destination: Frankfurt am Main
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