"Cheerfully and purposefully he works at his chosen profession, and, the happier since the Sabbath-rest vouchsafes God's approval of his activities during the week." ("Jewish Joyfulness", CW)


R' Samson Raphael Hirsch: Jewish Joyfulness
Yisrael Kashkin: American Yekkes
A New Commentary for a Changed World by Rabbi Yirmiyohu Kaganoff
German Jewish Periodicals Online (Link from Seforim blog)
Several Articles on Succession
These and These by Rabbi Shimon Schwab (courtesy of Boruch Miller)
From Tradition
(now available online to the public)
American Orthodoxy's Lukeworm Embrace of the Hirschian Legacy 1850-1939 by Zev Eleff
R. Shimshon Schwab-A Letter Regarding the "Frankfurt" Approach

TIDE from the Outside
Posts from Other Blogs

Member Articles

19 Letters - R' Samson R. Hirsch (Drachman translation)
באר השר - Yitzchok Baror 460 page anthology of Hirsch in Hebrew

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