Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Uncanny preduction

"Perhaps the day will come when all the things bestowed upon mankind for its benefit and liberation will become corrupted into their very antithesis. Mankind, instead of assuring its members their legitimate rights of development ... will serve them the tear-drenched bread of slaves and the worm-wood of bitterness.... At such time, science, too, will become solely destructive ... will frantically blind itself with its own brightness .... Mankind will vainly exhaust its strength in a blind upsurge of uncurbed desires ...."

Collected Writings, vol. 1, p. 80, [Ges.
Schrift., vol. 4. p. 105] in "Rabbi Samson
Raphael Hirsch, Torah Leadership for Our Times," Leo Levi, Jewish Action

Pretty incredible that a person in the 19th century could foresee exactly what has happened to us.

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