Friday, November 27, 2015

Tiferes Tzvi Vayishlach

Tiferes Tzvi
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Tiferes Tzvi

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יעקב sent messengers ahead of him to his brother עשו , to the land of שעיר , the field of אדום .
(22, 4)

"We have already seen why יעקב left his father’s house empty-handed and penniless. Now, upon his return as a man of means – and especially considering that עשו no longer lives at home – it is important that יעקב send messengers to inform עשו of his wealth and explain to him how he acquired it.

"In three words he reveals to עשו all the bitterness and adversity of his past. Being a stranger, without rights, is a difficult trial anywhere. Staying with לבן is likewise a difficult trial under any circumstances. But עם לבן גרתי – to stay as a stranger with לבן – is truly a bitter fate.

"ואחר עד עתה , and not because I was so comfortable there; rather, I was forced to stay there until now. I would have gladly returned earlier. But, until six years ago, I had only wives and children, but not a penny of my own. On this difficult, little to be envied course, through twenty years of hardship, I came to have all that I now possess. I consider it right to inform you of all of this, so that the long period of suffering may atone for the past, and so that my present wealth may be an intercessor for me with you. (R' Hirsch)"

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