Sunday, March 20, 2016

400th post - Our Mission In Life

With gratitude to Hashem, I publish here our 400th post, and choose for it the following reminder of our main mission:

"As His creating word calls forth the sun, and summons the light of the world, so has God's love appointed Israel as the bearer of the light of spirit and life, and as the bearer of Torah. O that you would mindful of such a high task! O that you would allow heart and spirit to be infused by the spirit of the Torah and allow your life, in word and deed, to be but a copy of the contents of this Torah! You would thus surrender yourself to God in love just as He summons you in love." Horeb 628

1 comment:

  1. Big accomplishment! Thank you for enhancing all of our lives with your important contribution to Torah Im Derech Eretz.