Friday, April 8, 2016

Tiferes Tzvi - Parshas Tazria

Tiferes Tzvi
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וראה הכהן והנה כסתה הצרעת את כל בשרו וטהר את הנגע כלו הפך לבן טהור הוא. (יג, יג)
The כהן shall look, and behold! – the affliction has covered his entire flesh, then he shall declare him contaminated; having turned completely white,

The גמרא in סנהדרין (97a) says that משיח will not come until the entire government becomes heretics. The גמרא brings this פסוק as a proof, because the פסוק says that if the whole skin is white, he is טהור. So too when the entire government becomes heretics, משיח will come.

Rav Schwab explains this גמרא as follows: טומאה does not have an actual life by itself; it feeds off of טהרה. Therefore, when there is no טומאה, טהרה falls away. So too, if the spot is all white, he is . טהור This is also what רש"י means in פרשת שלח by the מרגלים, they first had to say the truth, because every lie needs a little bit of truth in order for the lie to be effective.

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