Thursday, November 17, 2016

Linked Post from Daas Torah blog: Torah Revolutionaries by Professor Cyril Domb F.R.S.

Torah Revolutionaries by Professor Cyril Domb F.R.S.

"No one interested in the spread of Torah Judaism could fail to be impressed by the record of positive achievement of German Orthodoxy. Hence we find that, after an initial period of trial, Rabbi Hirsch was treated with respect and even admiration in the Torah centers of Eastern Europe. But the philosophy of Torah im Derech Eretz  as interpreted by Hirsch was always regarded as relevant only to Germany, since the large Jewish masses of Eastern Europe had not been significantly affected by European culture."

The article has much to say about Rav Hirsch and also Sarah Schnirer:

"But as the movement grew, she became aware that something more sophisticated would be needed. At this time a curious incident occurred which had very positive consequences. She had planned to travel for a few days to Hamburg in North Germany, for which she needed to change at Breslau. But she made a wrong connection and got on the train to Frankfurt in South Germany. The inspector pointed out her error when he came along the train to check her ticket, and suggested that she change at the next station. But she decided that the error was min haShamayim and that she should carry on to Frankfurt where she had a number of contacts. She spent ten days in Frankfurt looking at girls' schools and other educational institutions."

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