Friday, April 28, 2017

Simmy Lerner Rav Hirsch broadcast - Parshas Tazriah

In this discussion, we discover some illuminating and truly groundbreaking concepts about how the Torah views some, nowadays, quite controversial issues. We see the truly amazing approach it has on Women, Brit Milah and our outlook on the physical world. E...

Normally I'm hesitant to hear anything about women's issues and Judaism unless it's from primary sources for fear of apologetics. But I think Simmy Lerner stayed close to Hirsch's presentation here. And Hirsch's presentation is fascinating.

I'll just remind everyone that Rav Hirsch portrayed men and women as being equal but different.
In the word איש and אשה lay the guarantee for the equality in rank and mutually complementing calling of Man and Woman. As long as man and woman were איש and אשה there was no need for man to be emancipated from woman nor woman from man, neither could make the other into a slave nor yet into a god or goddess. The first who altered this designation―as indeed our sages remark, in no other language are man and woman designated by words coming from the same root and so regarded from the same trend of thought―brought it about that one man would yoke his woman to the plough while the other would throw himself at her feet.

R’ Samson Raphael Hirsch, The Pentateuch (New York: Judaica Press), Genesis 11:7

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