Friday, May 4, 2018

nothing, nothing at all, would be gained

"So that even if to-day, through some miraculous chain of events, Palestine were to be placed at the unconditional disposal of the Jews, and they could return to the “Land of their Fathers” and found an independent state there: nothing, nothing at all, would be gained as long as the causes have not disappeared which once brought about the downfall of the state and the destruction of the Temple, yea which made that downfall unavoidably necessary for the preservation of Judaism and thereby Jewry. A Jewish National body with Jewish spirit would be, and remain, dead: a Jewish State, that does not, in making the laws of the Torah, a reality, present a picture of the realisation of the eternal laws of justice and love of one’s neighbor based on the sound foundation of purity of morals, would be a still-born creation, and irretrievably doomed to dissolution, even as it was thousands of years ago. But this is just by way of parentheses!"

R’ Mendel Hirsch, The Pentateuch, Haftoroth (Gateshead: Judaica Press, 1989), pp. 592-3. R’ Mendel Hirsch (1833–1900)

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