Sunday, April 18, 2021

Rav Avigdor Miller on Yom Hashoah


I have a question about Yom Hashoah, that's the Holocaust day.  Where did it originate and should we observe it?


It originated from people who are atheists – in the Knesses most of them are atheists.  So when people like that get together, a ‘Sanhedrin of great sages’ who go bareheaded and they sit together and they decide to decree a national day of observance for all Jews, you understand already the kedushah that lies in it.  

Should we observe it?  We should ignore it altogether. What should we do?  We'll leave that to the chachmei haTorah. We don't hurry to make days of observances. The chachmei haTorah will do in good time what has to be done but never should we recognize any kind of pronouncements by atheists.

TAPE # 361 (May 1981)

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