Sunday, July 18, 2021

Avoiding Strife

The Alter Rebbe of Chabad paskens that one should not quarrel over performing a mitzvah. As we find about the lechem hapanim, that the refined kohanim would step aside to avoid quarreling with the aggressive ones who grabbed the bread, even though it was a mitzvah midoraisa.

One young chossid would daven before the amud in a shul where the minhag was to wear a
talis for Mincha and Maariv. Knowing that the minhag Chabad is to not wear a talis then, he
was unsure of what to do, and presented his question to the Rebbe. The Rebbe replied that despite the vital importance of our minhag, he should certainly avoid machloikes, and if they are insistent on their minhag, he should comply with them.

A talented chazan arrived in the town of Kemfna and the townsmen wanted to appoint
him as their baal tefilah. Knowing this man to be lax in the observance of mitzvos, the
local Rov did not agree to give him this holy position. The townsmen did not relent and
they insisted that this man be appointed. Foreseeing the imminent machloikes, the Rov
sent the question before Reb Yosef 'Hatzadik', the son-in-law of the Noda BiYehuda and the
Rov in Posen, asking what he should do. Reb Yosef's answer was quick in coming:
"It is better to erect a 'tzeilem in the heichal' and avoid machloikes amongst Yidden! State your
opinion pleasantly, and if they don't listen do not fight them."

Lma'an Yishme'u Shabbos Table Companion

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