"God's Law does not deal with things that are supernatural or not of this world; instead, it includes every aspect of a full life which can be lived here below. Therefore these laws are עדות, the testimony of God's truths for all our earthy relationships, and hence they are עדות, because they crown all our earthy affairs with the ornament of human nobility which find favor in the eyes of God." Rav Hirsch on Tehillim 119:99

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Are there yeshivos today that are built on the TIDE approach? I can't say that I'm equipped to answer this question as I just don't have enough exposure to the frum educational system. Words on a brochure are one thing, but what really goes on is often known only to the students. One can argue that most American yeshivos have TIDE elements, mostly notably secular studies and in the case of Modern Orthodox yeshivos some talk about parnassah. However, that's not the same as consciously and overtly espousing the Hirschian derech and its many components, which are not limited to secular studies and parnassah. It seems that even Yeshiva Samson Raphael Hirsch in Washington Heights hasn't had a purely Hirschian curriculum in decades. I do know of individual teachers who describe themselves as Hirschian: 

R' Yitzchok Adlerstein at YULA
R' Moshe Brody, Rabbi of Young Israel of Mapleton Park in Brooklyn NY

I know the BT system much better than the general school system. I can't say that any are designed around TIDE, but some come closer to it than others. One is Yeshivat Dvar Yerushalayim as R' Baruch Horovitz, the long serving Dean of DY, assisted in Dayan Grunfeld's translation of Horeb. You can find his name listed second in the acknowledgements. R' Horovitz was born in Germany and is a proud proponent of TIDE. The yeshiva is a standard BT yeshiva in its curriculum. However, there is an openness to TIDE.

Once upon a time R' Nachman Bullman a'h, a proponent of TIDE, taught at Ohr Somayach in Jerusalem. But that was long ago. 

There are a few schools that advertise themselves as TIDE but I suspect that they are all Modern Orthodox, which is different. If they have boys and girls in the same classroom then they are NOT TIDE. 

I have heard of a Hirschian school named Horev in Jerusalem. I believe it's a high school for girls that was founded by German Jews before the establishment of the state.

Yeshivat Siach-Yitzhak, which was named for Rabbi Dr. Isaac Breuer, is located in Efrat. On their website they write, "In January 2004, the name “Yitzhak” was added, in memory of the late Rabbi Dr. Yitzhak Breuer ZT”L, a prominent rabbinical figure in Germany and Eretz Israelin the early 1900s, was a philosopher and jurisprudence, and aspired to shape a religious Jewish character for the future Jewish State. This is his vision of “Torah Im Derech Eretz Israel”, which is an outgrowth of the weltanschauung of his grandfather, Rabbi Samson Rephael Hirsch Zt”l “Torah Im Derech Eretz.

Yeshiva Derech HaTorah in Brooklyn describes itself as being TIDE.

Hasmonean Primary School in London describes itself as being TIDE. 

I don't know that any of the above are TIDE in the full sense of the term. I'm just going by the websites. 

There is some interest to start a TIDE yeshiva in Ramat Beit Shemesh as least as far as I can tell from a dormant blog called Rabbi Hirsch Torah Academy - Ramat Bet Shemesh .

Do you know of other places? 

"Hirsch's seemingly unending resourcefulness and talent for winning understanding and respect for the Torah and its laws through appeals to reason never ceased to amaze his listeners and readers. He left no question unanswered, no riddle unsolved. Religious observances that had struck enlightened people as obscure, absurd, and repulsive, suddenly shed sparkling new meaning on their noblest thoughts and endeavors. An apparently hopeless, arid desert was changed to a flowering garden." Mordechai Breuer, "Modernity Within Tradition," p. 20.

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  1. Hasmonean in London is not TIDE.

  2. Here's what they say on their website: Our guiding principle is “Torah Im Derech Eretz” and our staff are truly committed to bringing out the best in every child in their Torah and secular education as well as in their personal and social development. Our achievements have been praised in glowing terms by both OFSTED and Pikuach.

    What do you know to be different in reality?