Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Encouragement from John Steinbeck

"So there went the magic formula, the secret ingredient. With no more than that, we were set on the desolate, lonely path of the writer. And we must have turned in some abysmally bad stories. If I had expected to be discovered in a full bloom of excellence, the grades given my efforts quickly disillusioned me. And if I felt unjustly criticized, the judgments of editors for many years afterward upheld my teacher's side, not mine. The low grades on my college stories were echoed in the rejection slips, in the hundreds of rejection slips."

Nobel prize winning author John Steinbeck discussing his early experiences as a writer. The lesson is clear: don't be discouraged by the failures in your life. Look how things started for Steinbeck and look what he became as a writer.

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