Thursday, March 12, 2015

Some Topics for the TIDE Conference

1) How do we educate today's youth in Torah Im Derech Eretz? What are the risks as compared to 100 years ago or 25 years ago?

2) How do we attract people who would be attracted to Torah Im Derech Eretz but just don't know about it?

3) How do we reconcile Hirsch's apparent view towards Zionism with the reality of the State of Israel and the fact that half of Jewry lives there today?

4) Does Austritt still apply in the practice of TIDE?

5) What is your definition of Torah Im Derech Eretz? Does it extend beyond secular studies and parnassah?

6) How do we maintain a virtual community?

7) How might we establish and fund real, geographic communities?

We could each take one of these or each discuss one more more in our respective segments. What are you thoughts?

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