Friday, March 11, 2016

Tiferes Tzvi, A Student Torah Publication of YRSRH: Pekudei

Tiferes Tzvi
A Student Torah Publication of YRSRH
Founded in 1984

וירא משה את כל המלאכה והנה עשו אתה כאשר צוה ה' כן עשו ויברך אתם משה. לט, מג 

משה saw the entire work, and behold, they did it just as ה' commanded, so had they done, and משה blessed them. (39, 43)

רש''י explains that משה blessed כלל ישראל that the שכינה should rest on their work. Rav Shimon Schwab זצ''ל asks that earlier the פסוק says (39, 32) that בני ישראל finished the work in the אהל מואד and whatever ה' commanded כלל ישראל, משה had done. Why did משה not bless כלל ישראל there? The answer is that if one looks closely at the פסוק, it says ,ככל אשר צוה ה' את משה כן עשו since they did it because משה commanded them, משה was afraid that maybe they did it out of respect to him, not completely לשם שמים, so he did not give them a blessing. However, after they brought the משכן to משה, the תורה says כאשר צוה ה' כן עשו. It was then that משה realized that they did it , לשם שמים and only then did he bless them. 

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