Wednesday, April 13, 2022

He promised

So we don't forget, I'm reposting this message from June.

On 3/21/21, Israeli politician Naftali Bennett appeared on national Israeli television during the election campaign and stated “I won’t allow Yair Lapid to be prime minister, including in a rotation (agreement.)” and “I will not establish a government based on the support of Mansour Abbas from the Islamic Movement.” He signed a document affirming those words and held it up to the camera.  In the first weeks of June of 2021, after the election, Bennett entered a rotation agreement with Lapid and established a government with the support of Mansour Abbas. 

We see once again that Israel does not have a democracy. A guy with 5% of the vote (6 of 120 seats) should not be able to become head of a country, particularly when he breaks WRITTEN promises to do it. [Note, in the German election of 1924, the Nazi party won 6% of the vote.] As Mark Levin noted, "Naftali Bennett is the man that is set to replace Bibi as prime minister. How did this come to pass?Among other things, he ran TO THE RIGHT of Netanyahu in the election. Even still, he and his party received less than FIVE PERCENT of the popular vote. How does a politician who barely registers among the voters become a prime minister in a democracy? To my knowledge, it has never happened, certainly not in Israel."

The whole system in Israel is riddled with problems. New parties can't emerge because there's a 4 seat threshold. So you get the same politicians decade after decade. You don't vote for people, you vote for parties. The parties make crazy deals that can, as we see here, totally violate their promises. Bennett leads a party called Yamina, which means Right, as in Right wing. And he has abandoned the right wing and joined the left, after promising during the campaign on television, signing a document, that he would never join with Lapid of the left. 

Anybody who thinks this is a vibrant democracy is so drunk on Zionism that they can't walk a straight line. 

Update: excellent editorial on the Bennett betrayal

Rabbi Prof. Dov Fischer: "The Israeli Left has an obsessive compulsion to shriek constantly about the sanctity of “Israeli Democracy.” And yet no institution has done more to shame, tarnish, and cheapen Israeli democracy than Israel’s left, including its latest deceit. A party that literally — literally — called itself “Right Wing” (“Yamina”) now has formed a government dominated by left parties: (i) Yesh Atid, (ii) even more left-wing socialist Labor, (iii) even more extreme-left Meretz, and (iv) off-the-wall Islamist and anti-Zionist Ra’am."

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