Monday, February 1, 2016

Justify the just: Rabbi Miller on the German Kehillah

"We must justify the just. That's a very great mitzvah. Speak up for the just man and show that the accusations against him are unjustified. How false is everything that's said against the Jew.

"But not only what the nations say against the Jew. How false are the accusations that Jews make against Jews.

"If we study two kehillas Satmar and Lubavitch. We see how beautiful are these two kehillas. Satmar is a beautiful kehilla. I had personal contact many years with Satmar. I even spoke to the Satmar Rav, the old one, zichron l'bracha. The new one I knew well, very well. But the old one I met personally once at midnight in his home. I knew many of them personally. Satmar brought a new dimension to America.

"There's another beautiful kehilla called Lubavitch. I know them personally too. A Lubavitcher was once my rebbe when I was a boy. I learned an entire mesechta kesubos with him. For nothing. He taught me free. And so I have a love for both of these kehillas.

"Sometimes, not in general, sometimes one of these kehillas, one of the people from these kehillas might say something against another one. And we have to learn to disregard these words. Vehitzidku es ha tzadick. They are two kehillas of tzadickim. You must know that.  When I say Satmar I mean all of the Satmar kehillas. All of them. I don't mean each person is a tzadick gamur. But in general, there's no question that their way of life is tznius. Lubavitch their way of life is tznius. Satmar they are devoted to avodas hashem. They go all out to serve Hashem. Lubavitch, all out to serve Hashem. No question about that.

"They are not the only kehillas. I have plenty to say about the German kehillah. I love the German kehillah. As a boy I davened every Shabbos in a German shul. I can sit four hours in the afternoon, Shabbos afternoon, in a German shul. These kehillas we have to appreciate. And all the things that are said against them we have to learn how to refute. Vehitzidku es ha tzadick."

R' Avigdor Miller, Loving His People 2, #528 1:06.

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