Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Kehillas Ashkenaz of Modi'in Elit

I had the pleasure to spend a Shabbos at Kehillas Ashkenaz in Modi'in Elit. They have a thriving Kehilla there with a solid minyan, a roomy beis kenneses, a beis midrash stocked full of sepharim, and some terrific people. Many were English speaking. I met one fellow from Holland, one from Switzerland, and several from England. The German Jewish community spirit, friendliness, and politeness was most present. It was wonderful to partake in a Minhag Ashkenaz minyan again.

They are growing and working on their centrally located facility. I recommend a visit for any German Orthodox or TIDE person who comes to EY. Here are a few photos:

Beautiful edifice:

Nice organized sefarim.

Kehillas Ashkenaz

Disclaimer: For those who argue quite reasonably that it is improper to build settlements beyond the Green Line, I'll just note that Modin Illit is just barely over the line and is generally conceded during two state solution negotiations to be land that will go to Israel - I think.

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