Saturday, July 2, 2016

Book: Coming Up to Yerushalyaim with Chana Pappenheim

I was handed this Shabbos a fascinating book that you might never have heard of. It's a story of a German Jewish family that came to Meah Sharim in and became part of the community there. They were close followers of Rav Hirsch, and even though the Edah Cheridis community in Jerusalem did not practice Torah Im Derech Eretz, Rav Hirsch's general teachings on life, it's purpose, self-discipline, dignity, faith, and Zionism (being anti) fit terrifically with their new lifestyle. Certain changes had to be made in their switch from Germany to Jerusalem (and I can relate to them personally) and that's an interesting story in itself. There are many loving, respectful references to Rav Hirsch in this moving book.

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