Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Timeless Rav Hirsch Series at

  • Parshas Bereishis - The First Stirrings of Capitalism
  • Parshas Noach - The Origins of Totalitarianism
  • Parshas Lech Lecha - No Justice, No Peace
  • Parshas Vayera
    Avraham and Yitzchok Walk "Together"
    Special Enough To Care
  • Parshas Chayei Sarah - The Man Who Has Everything
    Going Home
  • Parshas Toldos - One Size Does Not Fit All
    The Three-fold Pattern of Jewish History
  • Parshas Vayeitzei - What Did Yaakov Ask For?
    Romantics Need Not Apply
  • Parshas Vayishlach - Doing Without Power
    No Milquetoasts, These
  • Parshas Vayeishev - An Almost Perfect Family
    Location, Location
  • Parshas Miketz - His Cup Runneth on Empty
    Unfinished Business
  • Parshas Vayigash - The Shared Happiness of Ordinary Existence>
    Life Imitates History
  • Parshas Vayechi - Managing Jewish Pride
    Pick An Angel
  • Parshas Shemos - The Source of All Freedom
    The Origins of State Anti-Semitism
  • Parshas Vaera - Who Speaks For G-d?
    Worse is Better
  • Parshas Bo - Everything New Under the Moon
    The Moral High Road is a Two Lane Street
  • Parshas Beshalach - Don�t Be Skeptical About Skepticism
    Why Amalek Hates Us
  • Parshas Yisro - Epilogue to the Decalogue
    Meet You At Sinai – From a Distance
  • Parshas Mishpatim - The Punishment For Theft
    Cheeseburgers for Dummies
  • Parshas Terumah - The Shulchan and Torah Economics
    The Two Keruvim
  • Parshas Tetzaveh - Inauguration is Not a Ball
    The Two That Couldn’t Wait
  • Parshas Ki Sisa - On Golden Calves and Other Heroes
    The Limits of Grasping G-d
  • Parshas Vayakhel- The Exceptional Melachah
    Getting Directed
  • Parshas Pekudei- Why Seven?
  • Parshas Vayikra - To Thine Own Torah Self Be True
    Elevation in Affliction
  • Parshas Tzav - Pigul: Defining the Essence of Korbanos
    Memory and Innovation
  • Parshas Shemini - A Tumah Primer
    Torah Calories
  • Parshas Tazria - A Message in White
  • Parshas Metzorah - Membership Has Its Price - The High Price of Oil
  • Parshas Acharei Mos - Inventing Ritual
    What Goes Up Must Come Down
  • Parshas Kedoshim - Color Me Needed
  • Parshas Emor - Have An Esrog Day! 
    Divine Service With a Smile
  • Parshas Behar - To Be Or Not To Be
  • Parshas Bechukosai - Making the Numbers Count 
    How to Emerge From Galus
  • Parshas Bamidbar - In Praise of Child Labor 
    E Pluribus Pluribus
  • Parshas Naso - On Justice, Human and Divine 
    The Beis Ha-Mikdosh in a Sound Bite
  • Parshas Behaaloscha - Prayers Without Words 
    The Little Committee That Could
  • Parshas Shlach - Presenting G-d With Plan B
    Paradise Lost, Twice
  • Parshas Korach - Creative Religious Response: Korach Would Be Happy
    Out of Bounds
  • Parshas Chukas - Parah Adumah Demystified
    Sharper Than a Serpent’s Tooth, A Thankless Nation
  • Parshas Balak - In Praise of Family Values
    Not Playing By the Rules
  • Parshas Pinchas - Who’s Tamid?
    A Month To Remember
  • Parshas Matos - Mikvah, Explained
  • Parshios Matos-Masei - Raining on the Parade That Wasn't
  • Parshas Masei - Tolerance and Its Limits
  • Parshas Devarim - No Need For Senate Hearings
    What Does Mishnah Torah Repeat?
  • Parshas Vaeschanan - The Meaning of “One”
    Getting G-d Right
  • Parshas Eikev - Manna, Updated
  • Parshas Reeh - Of Men and Mice
    The Pitfalls of Private Spirituality
  • Parshas Shoftim - Altars Are Not Green
    Banishing Statism
  • Parshas Ki Seitzei - Xtreme Law
    Keeping It Out of the Family
  • Parshas Ki Savo - Prologue to an Epilogue
    Undeservedly Deserving
  • Parshios Netzavim & Vayeilech - The Really Long Way Home
    Rebirth of a Nation
  • Parshas Haazinu- Location is Not Everything
    Demons and Ghosts
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